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So Why Choose Us?

At Rentacrowd we believe there’s no such thing as just an extra. The majority of our clients are looking for everyday people so we take the time to handpick our talent so that we can place them exactly where they belong. Our talent pool encompasses the young, elderly, unique and the beautiful, thus providing Talent for all types of supporting work. We have been working hard since early 2003, our personal-touch, attention to detail and longstanding relationships has made us the “go to” Agency for Background Artists. This has helped us to create and maintain long lasting relationships with the very top Creatives in the industry. We completely understand that Background Casting is an integral part of bringing authenticity to any production. Our attention to detail and awareness of tight deadlines helps us to create realistic backgrounds for any scene. Both Client and Talent; you will always have our full attention and we will make you our top priority.

TV Extras

At Rentacrowd we love a bit of Drama! We regularly supply TV extras for a number of well known TV shows such as River City and Outlander and recently we have also worked on productions such as The Syndicate, Waterloo Road, Bobs Servant, Good Cop and many more.

Film Extras

Supplying supporting artists to films is always really interesting as every project is so different to the next. Throughout the years we have been proud to supply to: Filth, The Angels Share, The Railwayman, The Waterhorse, The Adventures of Greyfriars Bobby and many more.

Advert Extras

We love supplying Supporting Artists for TV Commercials. A lot of this type of work is crowd-based work so we are working with large numbers of SA’s to populate crowd scenes. This usually means long hours but is also an enjoyable experience because we only work with the best people. We have been fortunate enough to work with some of the most famous brands in the world over the last 13 years including: Adidas, Guinness, Mars, Irn Bru, Smyths Toy Superstore, Scotrail and many, many more.

RentaCrowd Casting are now powered by POP – what does this mean? This is it in a nutshell…


  • RentaCrowd Casting is powered by POP’s cutting edge technology.
  • Clients working with RentaCrowd Casting can log directly into the RentaCrowd Casting portal to see available artists immediately.
  • RentaCrowd Casting has access to “Chitless, a seamless / paperless payment process.


  • RentaCrowd Casting has access to a diverse community of over 50,000 artists nationwide for all your project needs.
  • POP’s registered artists have been photographed, measured and verified by industry professionals.
  • The POP platform allows you to scroll through available artists’ photos and mark ‘production picks’, making the selection process much faster.


  • RentaCrowd Casting is powered by the POP back office, making the payment process seamless and hassle free.
  • Artists can sign an electronic release form prior to going on set.
  • Invoices are automatically generated, cutting down on human error & payment time.

Want to get involved?

Our Skills

There are no fees for joining and we charge 20% of the work we find.  The Agency takes professional photos, for free, so that the Artist has the correct marketing material.  RentaCrowd owns the copyright to the photos.  The Artist does not have permission to use the photos taken by RentaCrowd for any company that is in direct competition with RentaCrowd i.e. other agencies or talent platforms.  A fee will be charged to the Artist if photos are found on competitor websites and they may be removed from the agency base.

It’s important for us to make sure that the Artists’ profiles are up to date so that our clients can cast with confidence that the image they are seeing is a true likeness of the Artist.  In order to make this easily accessible for all of our members, we hold regular photo days/evenings throughout the year at no cost to the Artist. RentaCrowd owns the copyright to the photos.  The Artist does not have permission to use the photos taken by RentaCrowd for any company that is in direct competition with RentaCrowd i.e. other agencies or talent platforms.  A fee will be charged to the Artist if photos are found on competitor websites and they may be removed from the agency base.

All Accounts queries need to be emailed directly to POP so that the team can support you.  This is their email address artistsupport@wegotpop.com

Some of our Clients

Irn Bru
Channel 5


  • ‘I started out as an extra back in 2010 working with various agencies getting approx. 1 job per year. I joined RentaCrowd and got three jobs in three months, it’s just great. I have to agree that my experience with RentaCrowd is different from most Agencies. They look after their clients’. A refreshing experience.’  Peter Love, Supporting Artist

    Peter Love
  • We both thoroughly enjoy working as S.As with Rentacrowd. It is great fun and we enjoying meeting people of varied backgrounds and experiences. Alana Herron, Agent, is very supportive and she has encouraged us and is always available when needed. We are both retired and wish we had got involved sooner. But it is never too late.
    Sarah and Joe Pugh, Supporting Artists
    Sarah and Joe Pugh
  • I have been working for Alana as a SA since June 2016, first time I’ve ever done any work like this. I have loved every minute in doing so. Alana is always on hand to answer any queries and providing any agency updates, with Rentacrowd you always feel like part of the team!  I’ve had a great 6 months with Rentacrowd, I’ve made so many new friends and learned loads about what happens behind the scenes on set.   I look forward to continuing my experience with Alana and Rentacrowd! I only wonder why I didn’t join sooner 😊

    Julie Marshall, Supporting Artist

    Julie Marshall
  • I can confirm that Alana not only pays you quickly, but chases you to pay you!!  Wish every agent was like Alana!

    Kane Kayani, Supporting Artist

    Kane Kayani
  • I have just done my first film as a Supporting Artist and what a great two days I had. Alana was very helpful in getting the call times over for the dates I was working on.
    Martin Walters, Supporting Artist
    Martin Walters
  • “I have been with Alana’s agency since September 2014 and since the have had numerous assignments.  These have been most enjoyable and I have learned lots about filming, something which I’m keen to pursue as a future career. Alana has always been professional and friendly, quickly answering any queries I have had, and is always on hand to offer advice. I love being a part of her team.”

    Aaron McDonald
    Professional Supporting Artiste and Rentacrowder
  • ‘’Working for Alana and the Agency has been a fantastic opportunity for me, I have met many people from all walks of life, including actors and had some laughs along the way. Her professionalism, attention to detail  and immaculate administration is impeccable. I look forward to being on set again and being an ambassador for Alana and the Renta Crowd team’’

    David Blair
    Professional Supporting Artiste and Rentacrowder
  • “Probably about 10 years as an extra now and Alana, at Rentacrowd comes highly recommended. Quick with the bookings and quick with the payments – this is all you need to know. The Best.”

    Hamilton Semple
    Professional Supporting Artiste and Rentacrowder
  • I’ve worked on quite a few productions for Alana and always enjoy the experience it brings.
    The agency is very professional and are always on hand to give support and advice when needed.

    Kenneth Martin
    Professional Supporting Artiste and Rentacrowder
  • I signed up with Alana when I took early retirement and my experience to date has been very enjoyable. Alana is spot on with offering a variety of roles to her clients and is great at letting people know if they have been chosen. The Agency’s professionalism is first class and the team highly respected for that. I’m glad I chose Alana and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. So far……so brilliant!

    Patricia Clark
    Professional Supporting Artiste and Rentacrowder
  • Alana is the kind of agent who you could work with only for a short period of time, but can make you feel like you’ve known each other for years. An incredibly hard working and honest team who have their peoples best interests at the forefront of their priorities. I hope to be able to work with Alana and the team for many years to come.

    Adrian McCallum

    Adrian McCallum
    Professional Supporting Artiste and Rentacrowder
  • Alana is a First Class Agent for aspiring supporting actors of all ages and backgrounds. Experienced actors are always welcome. For first timers being on a film or TV set is very interesting to watch; Cameras, Lighting, Audio technicians all working with Directors, Producers, Make up people and many others.

    Jim Gillies
    Professional Supporting Artiste and Rentacrowder
  • Having wanted to work for an agency for many years, I finally plucked up the courage to do it and joined Rentacrowd. I am so glad I did!! I have had such good fun, the other supporting are great to work with and we all get on really well. I wish I had done this years ago!!

    Dorothy Brown
    Professional Supporting Artiste and Rentacrowder
  • I have been with Alana’s agency for over 4 years. She has always been very professional, helpful and supportive towards me during this time. Alana always keeps everyone up to date with ongoing and potential projects. I am very happy to be involved with her agency.

    Silvana Haworth
    Professional Supporting Artiste and Rentacrowder
  • I’ve experienced the most personal and encouraging, invites to attend auditions, put myself forward for roles, and I’ve been kept updated with the goings on of the agency too. This has set the Rentacrowd apart from any other – online and real world agency I have dealt with before.

    Toni Benedetti
    Professional Supporting Artiste and Rentacrowder
  • Alana and Rentacrowd I’ve been with now since around 2005.  I’ve had loads of exciting castings and work through them and they have been a very reliable Agency when it comes to information on the job and of course, being paid.  I’ve done television, film and commercial modelling through them and have been very well represented throughout.  I would highly recommend Alana and her team to anyone looking to break into the exciting world of extras and featured artists.

    Lynsey Milroy
    Trained Actor/ Dancer, Entrepreneur and Rentacrowder
  • I have been with Rentacrowd for five years and have found the service professional and helpful. Information given is comprehensive, dates and times always accurate and invoices are honoured within a short time scale. The agency offers a good variety of interesting work and I have been privileged to work on TV ads Outlander, River City and films. Keep up the good work.

    Jim Findlay
    Professional Supporting Artiste and Rentacrowder
  • I have a really high opinion of the agency and Alana has always been very friendly yet professional and helpful.  She has always answered my queries and payments have been made very promptly and efficiently.  I’ll certainly be sticking with Rentacrowd for the foreseeable future.

    Pamela Aitken
    Model, Extra & Rentacrowder