Agency Recruitment Day

The next Agency recruitment day is Saturday 21st October 2017.

If you are interested in joining our team, please fill in this quick online application form and one of our bookers will contact you for a pre registration chat.

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Jobs Board

Our new Agency internal jobs board is up and running.  This is only for members that have been registered by the Agency. We will not accept outside applications.  So far so good!  We’ll still use the email system until everyone is up to speed and happy with the new system.  Hopefully this is a good…


Social Media

We work in an industry that requires complete discretion. Please do not share anything via social medial or divulge any pictures or story lines.  There are specific departments that scour the various social media platforms to see who is posting what.  I don’t use social media myself but if the client complains, I have no choice but…


Production Etiquette

Hi – please accept this as a gentle reminder of production etiquette when working within the TV & Film industry. The three most important ones are arriving on time, with the right wardrobe and listening carefully to instructions. When getting to set it’s always advisable to get there 5-10mins before your call time to take…