Hi Folks, it wasn’t a great turnout for photo updates on Sunday.  I understand that people have very busy lives so in order to keep the site up to date, I feel we need to relax the photo situation at our end.  If you haven’t updated your photo within the last few months, please send me an email with an up to date photo.  The main thing is that we have a true likeness of you at all times to show our clients. This is only for people that are existing members, that we have met and are on the books.
The standard for the photos should be like the one below:
Here are some guidelines to help you:
* No selfies.
* No sunglasses.
* No hats.
* Wear a plain, black top.
* Stand against a plain wall.
* Make sure there’s good, natural lighting, with no shadows.
* All I need is one head shot and one three quarter length shot please.
Once you have it please email to alana@rentacrowd.co.uk
If you have professional photos, we need an email from the photographer to say they are happy for you to used them on our website.  Even if you have bought the photos – it’s still the photographer that owns the copyright to the shots.
Thanks in advance for taking time to keep your profile up to date.
Kind regards,
The RentaCrowd Team
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