Thanks for all the positivity that’s been sent my way today from my awesome base, much appreciated 🙂

I’m working on the photos and just want to say, feel free to use them on your social media pages for social purposes but not on competitors websites to gain work. This includes:

  • Other Agency websites.
  • Talent platforms such as:
  • POP
  • Starnow
  • Total Talent
  • Casting Networks and so on.

If you have a profile solely in my POP portal feel free to use them but if you are also in the main POP community, please do not use the photos I’ve taken.  I take the photos for free so that I have good marketing material for you but they are not for my competitors to benefit from.

Anyone who does this will be taken off the artist base and not allowed to rejoin 🙁  As you know we don’t have any fees to join or for photos, but we pride ourselves on representing the most professional, honest and reliable people, so I know that this won’t be an issue.

As alway, thank you for your continued friendship and support.

Kind regards,


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