‘I started out as an extra back in 2010 working with various agencies getting approx. 1 job per year. I joined RentaCrowd and got three jobs in three months, it’s just great. I have to agree that my experience with RentaCrowd is different from most Agencies. They look after their clients’. A refreshing experience.’  Peter Love, Supporting Artist

Peter Love
We both thoroughly enjoy working as S.As with Rentacrowd. It is great fun and we enjoying meeting people of varied backgrounds and experiences. Alana Herron, Agent, is very supportive and she has encouraged us and is always available when needed. We are both retired and wish we had got involved sooner. But it is never too late.
Sarah and Joe Pugh, Supporting Artists
Sarah and Joe Pugh

I have been working for Alana as a SA since June 2016, first time I’ve ever done any work like this. I have loved every minute in doing so. Alana is always on hand to answer any queries and providing any agency updates, with Rentacrowd you always feel like part of the team!  I’ve had a great 6 months with Rentacrowd, I’ve made so many new friends and learned loads about what happens behind the scenes on set.   I look forward to continuing my experience with Alana and Rentacrowd! I only wonder why I didn’t join sooner 😊

Julie Marshall, Supporting Artist

Julie Marshall

I can confirm that Alana not only pays you quickly, but chases you to pay you!!  Wish every agent was like Alana!

Kane Kayani, Supporting Artist

Kane Kayani
I have just done my first film as a Supporting Artist and what a great two days I had. Alana was very helpful in getting the call times over for the dates I was working on.
Martin Walters, Supporting Artist
Martin Walters

I’ve experienced the most personal and encouraging, invites to attend auditions, put myself forward for roles, and I’ve been kept updated with the goings on of the agency too. This has set the Rentacrowd apart from any other – online and real world agency I have dealt with before.

Toni Benedetti
Professional Supporting Artiste and Rentacrowder

Alana and Rentacrowd I’ve been with now since around 2005.  I’ve had loads of exciting castings and work through them and they have been a very reliable Agency when it comes to information on the job and of course, being paid.  I’ve done television, film and commercial modelling through them and have been very well represented throughout.  I would highly recommend Alana and her team to anyone looking to break into the exciting world of extras and featured artists.

Lynsey Milroy
Trained Actor/ Dancer, Entrepreneur and Rentacrowder

I have been with Rentacrowd for five years and have found the service professional and helpful. Information given is comprehensive, dates and times always accurate and invoices are honoured within a short time scale. The agency offers a good variety of interesting work and I have been privileged to work on TV ads Outlander, River City and films. Keep up the good work.

Jim Findlay
Professional Supporting Artiste and Rentacrowder

I have a really high opinion of the agency and Alana has always been very friendly yet professional and helpful.  She has always answered my queries and payments have been made very promptly and efficiently.  I’ll certainly be sticking with Rentacrowd for the foreseeable future.

Pamela Aitken
Model, Extra & Rentacrowder

I have only been registered as a supporting artiste with Alana and Rentacrowd for a few months, but they have been excellent to work with.  I have been offered numerous opportunities to work with them. Emails always contain very clear instructions, regarding venue, start time, and any other essential information.  Payment for work is also received very promptly.  Rentacrowd is a very professional, efficient and friendly organisation.  Alana clearly very much enjoys her work, and her happy personality shows through.  For anyone looking for the opportunity to be involved in filming opportunities as a Supporting Artiste, (Film Extra) I would very much recommend joining Alana and Rentacrowd. You will not regret it!

Laura Purdy
Professional Supporting Artiste and Rentacrowder

Alana keeps me updated, informed and feeling cared about.  We have no upfront fees, which is so professional.  I had my first major improvised comedy/featured role from Alana and I loved every minute of it, thanks for believing in me!! Cant wait for 2016 and what it brings for us all.

Anne Irvine
Professional Supporting Artiste and Rentacrowder

Alana is a constant workaholic, which is shown through her dedication and work ethic towards the industry.  She never fails to support her Actors and always remains professional even in the most hectic of situations.  I am proud to be involved with the Agency and always look forward to what the future will bring.

Cole Stewart

I have been with Alana for 18 months. I have heard some horror stories about other agents with respect to late payers, sloppy organisation, etc, and I’m glad to be one of those lucky people with a great agent!

Sophie Houston
Professional Supporting Artiste and Rentacrowder

Working with Alana over the last few years has been an absolute delight. Not only is she great to work with, her team are too. We have never been let down by her or any of her cast and have come to love seeing their familiar faces and fresh ones too. Alana is a saviour when it comes to last minute castings and always has strong options for a variety of roles. A very professional, diverse and friendly casting agency that I would highly recommend.

Over the past few years Alana has always come through for me as far as providing lots of extras in a short space of time and always a having a good selection of everyday people on her books, many of which have acting skills which always helps! Alana is professional, understanding, a pleasure to deal with & no matter how short notice we get, Alana pulls it off!

Over the past few years Alana has really helped us out, with crazy deadlines and bizarre briefs, she has always come through for us! Alana herself is professional, understanding and just lovely to work with! Highly recommend Rentacrowd!

Having worked with Alana and the team for well over a decade, I’ve not once … ever… been let down or left stranded.  With a multitude of cast, nationwide, casting options are always endless and both the represented talent and teams supporting them make production a painless experience.  Experienced, budget friendly and professional Alana and the team are always my first port of call.